Human Cooperation: Past, Present, Future

This seminar is jointly organized by the Anthropo-Lab and the Ethics & Transhumanism research teams of ETHICS (EA 7446). The first aim of the seminar is to unite researchers working across disciplines (history, philosophy, political science, sociology, biology, anthropology) in order to speculate together about the psychological and environmental factors that forged cooperation among human beings. The second objective is to improve our understanding of the future of human cooperation, especially in the light of the transhumanist projects, human enhancement and the rise of artificial intelligence.

Contact: David Doat ( & Rustam Romaniuc ( 

  • Past speakers

February 9, 2017: Sarah Brosnan, Associate Professor of Psychology, Philosophy and Neuroscience at Georgia State University.


  • Next speakers

October, 2017: Anne C. Pisor, Research fellow in the Department of Human Behavior, Ecology, and Culture at the Max Planck Institute for the Evolutionary Anthropology.


May 3, 2018: Nichola Raihani, Royal Society University Research Fellow, University College London.