Biography :

After getting a Ph.D in cognitive psychology (University of Lille, 2012), Antoine Deplancke specialized in the measurement and interpretation of physiological signals related to decision-making.

The approach consists in recording, using dedicated technologies, different indicators such as gaze position, pupil dilation or electrodermal activity. These signals, remaining most of the time under the limit of consciousness, allow an accurate understanding of the perceptual, emotional and attentional human processes.

Currently working as Research Engineer in the ETHICS laboratory, Antoine is in charge of the methodological and technical implementation of the experiments.

Research Interests :

– Measurement and interpretation of non-conscious physiological signals
– Modelization of perceptual, attentional, emotional and decision-making processes
– Development of innovative technical/methodological solutions

Publications :

Deplancke, A., Madelain, L., & Coello, Y. (2016). Differential effects of forward and backward masks on the relationship between perception and action. European Journal of Neuroscience, 43(6), 792-801.
Deplancke, A., Madelain, L., Gorea, A., & Coello, Y. (2013). Perception-action dissociations depend on the luminance contrast of the stimuli. Journal of neurophysiology, 110(8), 1974-1983.
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