The aim of the Anthropo-Lab seminar is to unite researchers across disciplines (anthropology, economics, biology, political science, philosophy, psychology) in order to speculate together about the psychological and environmental factors that bind societies together.

The seminar is organized by Maxime Derex ( ) and Rustam Romaniuc ( ) on Thursdays from 12:30 to 13:45 at Maison des Chercheurs (60 bis rue du port)

2018/15/3Helena MitonMedical and Pseudo-scientific beliefsCentral European University
2018/15/2Béatrice Boulu-ReshefOrganization style, leadership strategy and free-ridingParis 1
2018/1/2Luke GlowackiThe adaptive logic of intergroup agression: From chimpanzee patrols to human warfareIAST
2018/26/1Gianluca GrimaldaSanctions and imitation of virtuous behavior improve international cooperationKiel Institute for the World Economy
2018/18/1Mathieu LefebvrePromoting socially desirable behaviors: experimental comparison of persuasion and commitmentUniversité de Strasbourg
2017/7/12Wojtek PrzepiorkaHow information sharing promotes cooperation in illicit causesUtrecht University
2017/26/10Michal KrawczykGender differences for group workWarsaw University
2017/12/10Raphael FranckThe Neolithic and Life Expectancy – A double edged swordHebrew University
2017/5/10Anne PisorMeasuring interest in extra-community cooperative partners in a field contextMax Planck Institute
2017/28/9Daniel ZizzoResponding to (Un)Reasonable RequestsNewcastle University